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Mi's Vocaloid Log

a vocaloid log that covers anything Vocaloid-related

Mi's VOCALOID-related link dump place kinda thing.

Quote note on some stuffs... I'll try to come up with a layout(?) for this later on.
  • Friend-free. Feel free to friend me (I'll friend you back, although it may take a while) (due to privacy reasons, I've unwatched everyone but my own account, sorry), but there are usually no F/L posts in this LJ.
  • Feel free to repost any information from this LJ to anywhere else, unless it's a translation/summary translated from somewhere else, in which case I would like a little credit and link back.
  • I know it's rude, but if your journal is in Russian and you're here just to advertise or spam or something that have nothing to do with vocaloid, for the love of god, don't add me. Normal Russian-speaking vocaloid lovers, feel free to add me. (Though I won't understand you. >>; )
That's about it. For now.