Japan earthquake

Yes yes I know this is totally the wrong place to write about it but still. As most of you should know by now, Japan was hit by the largest earthquake recorded in their history about 14 hours ago (as of this post), at the magnitude of 8.8 (or 8.9, depending on where you read). It's still going on right now. (Someone mentioned that the epicenter moved to Nagano a few moments ago but I'm not sure.)

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Edit: Google spreadsheet of all vocaloid-related people that have posted on twitter or confirmed safe since the earthquake started:

Vocaloid/Nico related list

If you know of someone not already on the list and would like to help adding he/she in, leave a comment! If you would like to be an editor for the whole sheet in general, please make sure you can do the following and fire a request at asamidori and I'll add you as soon as possible.

1. You can read and write enough Japanese to tell what the person's name is in Japanese and their relationship to the vocaloid fandom.
2. You can type Japanese.

Optional: You have 1337 e-stalking powah.

Edit @ Mar 14 2011 19:21 EST

Since the post kinda become report log for the spreadsheet I've put some of the previous things here under a cut. Feels so messy otherwise.

Don't thank me for putting this list together, thank the editors who have spent their weekend to put this whole list together. Thank you guys! ;w; *bows*

MikuPa screenshots

Played with batch processing for a while and spent a lot of times deleting bad shots/writing up the list. Anyways, ~750 screenshots in a .rar generally at 800x483 resolution.

Here are some teasers, click to enlarge.

Do not, I repeat, do not redistribute this rar and any screenshots within it anywhere else without my permission. singing_robots gets to post it automatically but that's it. Stel/Floor! If you're gonna post this over on s_r attach this notice with it.

MikuPa.rar - 47.1 MB
Pass: Miku Miku in numbers

Edit: File uploaded. If it's not working yet come back in 10 or so minutes.

Dancehall's probably in that rumored next Project DIVA game

According to Asahi's youtube channel, there was a rehearsal for the upcoming Mikupa on 3/9 (which will be streamed on Nico Nico for 15002000 yen... if you're up) and the song shown was wowaka's World's End Dancehall. Given how it worked last time, Dancehall's most likely gonna be in the next game that SEGA staffs have hinted in the pass. Anyways link to said video!


Someone record the live again for those poor people like me that need to go to work. >.>

Quick news

A music label consist of all vocaloid Ps (so far) started out today. Or um, yesterday in Japan.

The label, BALLOOM, consists of Hachi, Agoaniki, Toku, wowaka, OSTER "BIGBAND" Project, Fullkawa Honpo (yes he's alive), Nanou, and Scope. The first CD to come from them is a 2-disc album called "Unhappy Refrain" by wowaka, which includes 3 new songs along with his hit songs on Nico and the whole of disc 2 dedicated to remixes by other Ps.

You can find the track list here ('cause I'm too lazy to list) and it is set to be released on May 18, 2011 for 2500 yen.

Hopefully all the artists signed to the label can release an album through them. Definitely looking forward to some of the P's albums~