December 24th, 2009


That's a nice Christmas present, SEGA :o

Project DIVA DLC officially announced~ <3

I'm at work right now though so can't really check details, but thanks to Hisana on #vocaloidism's quick translation on some of the stuffs, it seems we'll be getting 9 new songs. One of which is DECO*27's. Yes that's very important. (To me.)

They also have two screenies of SasakureP's "*Hello, Planet" on the page so maybe the side scroller is that? :o (Honestly can't tell. All I see are ?????'s.) I'll follow up with this post when I get to go home in 3 hours~

Oh the package is priced 1890 yen instead of 1980 yen. (Either I made a mistake or I typoed or...yeah.)


Edit @ 12:07 PM EST

lol OK I cheated.

SEGA named this the "Hatsune Miku: Miku Uta, Okawari (tentive)" project, which is gonna provide new songs and edit data for download off the PlayStation Store. The first pack is called "Additional Songs Deluxe Pack Vol.1". (I know I know, all those names.)

There are gonna be 9 new songs (+ edit data), "*Hello, Planet" as a game, and custom themes for your PSP in this pack. The songs announced are:

doriko - Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo
DECO*27 - Nisoku Hokou
KuwagataP - Puzzle
TokuP - SPiCa

As you can see, very yummy. x3 The pack is scheduled to release in 2010, without a specific date, so we can only hope it'll come soon.

Source: SEGA


Edit @ 1:49 PM EST

According to this page, the sequel for Project DIVA have already been made. Fast. D: They can't announce the platform yet, but they want you to hold on to the consoles you have currently. Does this mean that it's gonna be PSP? :D


To everyone that celebrates it, in case I got sidetracked off again (which is like, 99% of the time), Merry Christmas~ <3