Mi (vocaloid_log) wrote,

Surprise! Not dead yet!

Reason 1. Laziness.
Reason 2. Old computer died, got new computer, refer to reason 1.

Haven't really checked many vocaloid songs on Nico lately too so I won't cover those. Just game stuffs. I love game. I spend my life playing games. I ju(ry

Most likely things from TGS. If it's not from TGS then a week or so before it?

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend
- Source
- 19 out of the 36 (huh?) songs are new songs
- Upgraded DIVA room wit more than 40 events
- 150 modules all together

Current song list for new(?) songs (13/19):
SPiCa / Luka Luka Night Fever / Uraomote Lovers / *Hello, Planet. / Nayuta no Kanata Made / Kodoku no Hate / Palette / Sennen no Dokusouka / Boukyaku Shinchuu / Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro / Starduster / Nekomimi Switch / Rin Rin Signal

Hatsune Miku -Project mirai-
- Nintendo 3DS
- March, 2012 (3/9 most likely)
- Character models based on GoodSmileCompany's nendoroids
- PVs are 3D'd
- So far only seem to have "Easy" and "Normal" difficulty, not sure if more will be added in the final product
- Pre-order bonus is a special NenPuchi Miku Watch me by the game for that (´・ω・`)
- More than 20 songs included
- Known songs so far: PIANO*GIRL, Watashi no Jikan, SING&SMILE
- Official PV

7th Dragon 2020
- November 23, 2011
- RPG produced by imageepoch and published by SEGA
- Character design by Miwa Shirow
- Opening theme song is SeventH-HeaveN by sasakure.UK (feat. Hatsune Miku)
- Miku appears as a mysterious diva in the game that your team saves
- A module of this Miku will appear in Project DIVA extend
- All BGMs within the game can be changed to vocaloid P-remixed version featuring Miku
- Pre-order bonus includes 8 songs from the game, some of which is the Miku version

And that's it, I think. Time to go back to feeling ded. \o/
Tags: game, project diva, seventh dragon 2020


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