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This live on Nico unveiled VOCALOID 3, the next editor for our beloved virtual singing idols. If you missed it and is a premium member, you can probably still watch the Time Shift for it. (I time shifted before the live was on so dunno if you can still do it.)

Quick list of things about it:
- Sounding more natural than VOCALOID 2 editor
- Editor and vocal library sold separately
- September release
- Editor sold in VOCALOID STORE
- VOCALOID 3 vocal libraries will come with a simplified version of the editor called "Tiny VOCALOID EDITOR"
- VOCALOID 2 vocal libraries can be imported into to V3 Editor for use
- MULTILINGO! Chinese, Korean, and Spanish (eh?) now supported in addition to Japanese and Chinese (pinyin input for Chinese and hangul input for Korean possible)
- VY1 and VY3 for V3 announced and will be released around the same time as the Editor
- New vocal library "坂本美雨 (Sakamoto Miu?) for V3" planned
- VocaListener will be released by YAMAHA as a plugin for V3

- No plan to release V3 library at the moment, but will be looking into it
- Planning to release update license for free to convert their current libraries to V3 if they can get satisfying result (from converting?)

- Planning to release V3 compatible version of all their current vocaloids and hope to make Megpoid Extend V3 compatible
- GUMI Extend demos and whatnot

- D: ...Don't feel like translating you really didn't say much. :v

- 2 new package planned (for V3?)

Power FX:
- V3 compatible library in the making

New vocaloids for VOCALOID 3 (Because I'm freaking tired of listing them by now.)
- CUL VOCALOID from Kyoudou Televesion, released by Internet, voiced by Kitamura Eri
- Lia (You know, Air? Tori no Uta?) from 1st PLACE
- i-style Project from Surfer's Paradise
- Vocaloid from existing idols from Moe Japan
- Ring from Vocaloid Festa, voiced by MiKA from Daisy x Daisy
- Korean vocaloid from SBS Artech, cannot translate Korean name from hiragana to English :|

Combination CD released by um, Tamaderasu? >_>;
- 18 songs
- September
- VocaLis used
- All vocaloids released up to this point included in album
- Song from V3 vocaloid(s?)

OK I'm tired. You can has sauce.

Yes if you can't tell already I did not watch the live. :v

Oh, right.

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