Mi (vocaloid_log) wrote,

New game = Project DIVA 2.5


Announced songs so far are:

"Melody..." by mikuru396
"Iroha Uta" by Ginsaku
"Colorful x Sexy" by Team MOER
"SPiCa -39's Giving Day Edition-" by TokuP

Modules from left to right:

Miku Append, Rin/Len Append, Racing Miku 2011, Colorful x Sexy MEIKO & Luka
Unknown MEIKO module, Unknown KAITO module (90% Sennen no Dokusouka), Unknown module (definitely SPiCa)

No price yet, out in fall. 3rd hinted on DIVA Station but that was it. (This is the 1st new project announcement though so who knows, they may tell us soon. :x )

Interesting info from Dengeki, though:

"new songs added, replacing almost all songs"

...( ゚д゚)Eh?

Famitsu mentioned the same thing too so I don't know...
Tags: information, project diva

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