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Sticky: Information

This blog mainly focuses on introducing Vocaloid songs and related videos uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, but also cover other topics such as news about the Vocaloid world or related merchandises.

Commenting is open to anyone, and the blog owner understands English, Chinese, and Japanese, so any comments in those languages are welcomed. (Reply will only be in English, Chinese, or very simple Japanese, though.)

Jul 1 2011: Because of the increased anon spams I've been getting on this account I'm switching to only taking comments from registered users until further notice.

Useful tags to search for new Vocaloid songs on Nico:
MEIKO / KAITO / Miku / Rin/Len / Rin / Len / Gackpoid

PJD model for Teto

Anyone watched the Teto birthday live? This real?

Teto PJD 2nd model. (Links to Nico.)

Rumor is it it will come out on October 11 (that's tomorrow) for 300 yen. N> confirmation.

Edit: Twitter confirmed to be the real deal.

Edit 2: Kinda too real if it's trolling. :v

【テトの日2011】重音テト Project DIVA 2nd 配信決定 PV 【初音ミク】

Surprise! Not dead yet!

Reason 1. Laziness.
Reason 2. Old computer died, got new computer, refer to reason 1.

Haven't really checked many vocaloid songs on Nico lately too so I won't cover those. Just game stuffs. I love game. I spend my life playing games. I ju(ry

Most likely things from TGS. If it's not from TGS then a week or so before it?

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend
- Source
- 19 out of the 36 (huh?) songs are new songs
- Upgraded DIVA room wit more than 40 events
- 150 modules all together

Current song list for new(?) songs (13/19):
SPiCa / Luka Luka Night Fever / Uraomote Lovers / *Hello, Planet. / Nayuta no Kanata Made / Kodoku no Hate / Palette / Sennen no Dokusouka / Boukyaku Shinchuu / Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro / Starduster / Nekomimi Switch / Rin Rin Signal

Hatsune Miku -Project mirai-
- Nintendo 3DS
- March, 2012 (3/9 most likely)
- Character models based on GoodSmileCompany's nendoroids
- PVs are 3D'd
- So far only seem to have "Easy" and "Normal" difficulty, not sure if more will be added in the final product
- Pre-order bonus is a special NenPuchi Miku Watch me by the game for that (´・ω・`)
- More than 20 songs included
- Known songs so far: PIANO*GIRL, Watashi no Jikan, SING&SMILE
- Official PV

7th Dragon 2020
- November 23, 2011
- RPG produced by imageepoch and published by SEGA
- Character design by Miwa Shirow
- Opening theme song is SeventH-HeaveN by sasakure.UK (feat. Hatsune Miku)
- Miku appears as a mysterious diva in the game that your team saves
- A module of this Miku will appear in Project DIVA extend
- All BGMs within the game can be changed to vocaloid P-remixed version featuring Miku
- Pre-order bonus includes 8 songs from the game, some of which is the Miku version

And that's it, I think. Time to go back to feeling ded. \o/

Our Miku is becoming real

While the video really have nothing to do with Miku other than the fact that a vocaloid song and MMD was used...

つ【"Real" 3D】


YouTube original


This live on Nico unveiled VOCALOID 3, the next editor for our beloved virtual singing idols. If you missed it and is a premium member, you can probably still watch the Time Shift for it. (I time shifted before the live was on so dunno if you can still do it.)

Quick list of things about it:
- Sounding more natural than VOCALOID 2 editor
- Editor and vocal library sold separately
- September release
- Editor sold in VOCALOID STORE
- VOCALOID 3 vocal libraries will come with a simplified version of the editor called "Tiny VOCALOID EDITOR"
- VOCALOID 2 vocal libraries can be imported into to V3 Editor for use
- MULTILINGO! Chinese, Korean, and Spanish (eh?) now supported in addition to Japanese and Chinese (pinyin input for Chinese and hangul input for Korean possible)
- VY1 and VY3 for V3 announced and will be released around the same time as the Editor
- New vocal library "坂本美雨 (Sakamoto Miu?) for V3" planned
- VocaListener will be released by YAMAHA as a plugin for V3

- No plan to release V3 library at the moment, but will be looking into it
- Planning to release update license for free to convert their current libraries to V3 if they can get satisfying result (from converting?)

- Planning to release V3 compatible version of all their current vocaloids and hope to make Megpoid Extend V3 compatible
- GUMI Extend demos and whatnot

- D: ...Don't feel like translating you really didn't say much. :v

- 2 new package planned (for V3?)

Power FX:
- V3 compatible library in the making

New vocaloids for VOCALOID 3 (Because I'm freaking tired of listing them by now.)
- CUL VOCALOID from Kyoudou Televesion, released by Internet, voiced by Kitamura Eri
- Lia (You know, Air? Tori no Uta?) from 1st PLACE
- i-style Project from Surfer's Paradise
- Vocaloid from existing idols from Moe Japan
- Ring from Vocaloid Festa, voiced by MiKA from Daisy x Daisy
- Korean vocaloid from SBS Artech, cannot translate Korean name from hiragana to English :|

Combination CD released by um, Tamaderasu? >_>;
- 18 songs
- September
- VocaLis used
- All vocaloids released up to this point included in album
- Song from V3 vocaloid(s?)

OK I'm tired. You can has sauce.

Yes if you can't tell already I did not watch the live. :v

Oh, right.


New game = Project DIVA 2.5


Announced songs so far are:

"Melody..." by mikuru396
"Iroha Uta" by Ginsaku
"Colorful x Sexy" by Team MOER
"SPiCa -39's Giving Day Edition-" by TokuP

Modules from left to right:

Miku Append, Rin/Len Append, Racing Miku 2011, Colorful x Sexy MEIKO & Luka
Unknown MEIKO module, Unknown KAITO module (90% Sennen no Dokusouka), Unknown module (definitely SPiCa)

No price yet, out in fall. 3rd hinted on DIVA Station but that was it. (This is the 1st new project announcement though so who knows, they may tell us soon. :x )

Interesting info from Dengeki, though:

"new songs added, replacing almost all songs"

...( ゚д゚)Eh?

Famitsu mentioned the same thing too so I don't know...

Mi IS a gamer

This is beautiful

Those movements, they're so... real.


↓You aren't the only one that wasn't called. >.> /me pats HikutsuP

【初音ミク】 P 名 言 わ れ て な い 【便乗リジナル】

Oversea order for Charity Miku

On April 8, GoodSmileCompany have opened up their online shop to everyone oversea to pre-order the charity/support version of their flagship nendoroid and our beloved diva, Hatsune Miku. You can find more information about the ordering process on shining_robots. 1000 yen from each sales will be donated to relief efforts.


Annnnnnnd here's Aki-shachou's posting of a picture showing accesses they've gotten on their order page from North America.

SonThe middle of US, I am disappoint.

C'mon, you know you want to buy her!

Japan earthquake

Yes yes I know this is totally the wrong place to write about it but still. As most of you should know by now, Japan was hit by the largest earthquake recorded in their history about 14 hours ago (as of this post), at the magnitude of 8.8 (or 8.9, depending on where you read). It's still going on right now. (Someone mentioned that the epicenter moved to Nagano a few moments ago but I'm not sure.)

Read more...Collapse )


Edit: Google spreadsheet of all vocaloid-related people that have posted on twitter or confirmed safe since the earthquake started:

Vocaloid/Nico related list

If you know of someone not already on the list and would like to help adding he/she in, leave a comment! If you would like to be an editor for the whole sheet in general, please make sure you can do the following and fire a request at asamidori and I'll add you as soon as possible.

1. You can read and write enough Japanese to tell what the person's name is in Japanese and their relationship to the vocaloid fandom.
2. You can type Japanese.

Optional: You have 1337 e-stalking powah.

Edit @ Mar 14 2011 19:21 EST

Since the post kinda become report log for the spreadsheet I've put some of the previous things here under a cut. Feels so messy otherwise.

Don't thank me for putting this list together, thank the editors who have spent their weekend to put this whole list together. Thank you guys! ;w; *bows*

MikuPa screenshots

Played with batch processing for a while and spent a lot of times deleting bad shots/writing up the list. Anyways, ~750 screenshots in a .rar generally at 800x483 resolution.

Here are some teasers, click to enlarge.

Do not, I repeat, do not redistribute this rar and any screenshots within it anywhere else without my permission. singing_robots gets to post it automatically but that's it. Stel/Floor! If you're gonna post this over on s_r attach this notice with it.

MikuPa.rar - 47.1 MB
Pass: Miku Miku in numbers

Edit: File uploaded. If it's not working yet come back in 10 or so minutes.

MikuPa song list

Long stuffCollapse )

I was busy screencapping the medley portion of the live so didn't get the names down, but it's mostly songs in previous DIVA games.

Speaking of screenies...

All for this concert, yes. :'D Now what to do with this folder...

According to Asahi's youtube channel, there was a rehearsal for the upcoming Mikupa on 3/9 (which will be streamed on Nico Nico for 15002000 yen... if you're up) and the song shown was wowaka's World's End Dancehall. Given how it worked last time, Dancehall's most likely gonna be in the next game that SEGA staffs have hinted in the pass. Anyways link to said video!


Someone record the live again for those poor people like me that need to go to work. >.>